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Llangollen adults annual Play Day weekend is coming! This year we will he focussing on “Back to Basics”, plus some adventurous activities. And, of course, our ever popular social evening on Saturday with the opportunity to camp or hammock over. So when is it?  Saturday 22nd – Sunday 23rd August at Penycae. Save the date!Campfire

St Georges Day celebrations in Ty Mawr Country Park

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This year over 125 Beavers and Cubs from Llangollen District met up in Ty Mawr Country Park for a ‘Buzzing’ afternoon to celebrate St Georges Day. They learnt all about Bees, how they are in danger of extinction and why we need to take care of them. The afternoon kicked off with a huge District picnic followed by the renewal of our promises.

1  2

The Beavers and Cubs then took part in Bee themed activities which were split into 4 zones. The activity zone had a Bee relay to carry pollen under their chins and lots of Bee games to play.

3 6

7 8 (3)

9 8 (2)

We were lucky to have the South Clwyd Beekeepers along to run another zone which included an informative DVD explaining all about Bees & what they do. They also bought along an observation hive with real Bees, another educational hive and Beekeeping outfits for the Beavers & Cubs to try on.

12 13

15 18


The next zone was a craft zone making Bee badges, antenna head-wear, pollen flowers which had somewhere for Bees to stop for a drink and somewhere for leaders to practice their face painting skills!

19 24

20 21

23 28

24 (2) 26


The final zone was split into sowing seeds to attract Bees & finding & identifying Queen Bees in the bug wood.

30 (2) 30

29 32

A very ‘Buzy’ time had by all!!


Jamboree On The Internet in Llangollen

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Beavers, Cubs and Scouts from Llangollen District met together last weekend in Penycae to contact other members in Scouting from all over the world. As well as joining the Jamboree on the internet, Beavers & Cubs took part in various activities to complete their Communicators badges.

SAM_4118 (Small) SAM_4121 (Small)

The Beavers were able to show that they knew their phone numbers as well as completing activities on Morse code and building simple lego models over walkie talkies.

SAM_4125 (Small)                    SAM_4119 (Small)

SAM_4126 (Small) SAM_4129 (Small)

The Cubs also built lego models with a few weird creations resulting from the instructions given! They sent photos of themselves by email whilst learning about mobile phones & texting and wrote their names in Braille.



SAM_4133 (Small) SAM_4131 (Small)

SAM_4140 (Small) SAM_4143 (Small)

Code breaking & emergency phone calls also took place and how to use a public phone box – something a lot of Cubs have never actually even been in.

SAM_4135 (Small) SAM_4138 (Small)

Once the Scouts arrived it was eyes down for bingo. As part of JOTI you are given a JID – Jamboree ID code which you can use to play various games. Each time you make contact with another Member in Scouting you can swap JID’s and use the numbers in the code to mark off the numbers on your bingo card.


SAM_4144 (Small) SAM_4145 (Small)

Over the day we contacted Scouts from: UK, Mexico, Norway, Russia, Malta, Philippines, Egypt,  Australia, Malaysia, India, Brazil & Singapore. Definitely an event that we would recommend taking part in if you get the chance. 


Llangollen District Cub Camp 2014

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When I took over as ADC Cubs last year I was given the task of organising a District Cub Camp. I haven’t known of one in our District since I’ve been running Cubs which is well over 25 years. So, 10 months later & resulting in me becoming a complete insomniac, I’m relieved to say that I think it went pretty well!!

SAM_3922  SAM_3691 (Small)

84 Cubs arrived in Penycae on the Friday evening and after setting up their tents & embarking on a scavenger hunt the rain began! Fortunately after a quick drink & a bit of cake it soon stopped & a wide game resumed. Amazingly enough the Cubs were all in bed & actually asleep by 11.30 leaving the leaders having to make a bit of noise to keep up appearances with the neighbours.

SAM_3701 (Small) SAM_3700 (Small)


After a quick breakfast the Cubs hiked approx 3 miles to Cae Llwyd campsite

SAM_3704 (Small)  SAM_3712 (Small)

and the days activities began…..

SAM_3709 (Small) SAM_3725 (Small)

SAM_3730 (Small) SAM_3721 (Small)

SAM_3732 (Small) SAM_3734 (Small)

SAM_3746 (Small) SAM_3925

The Cubs completed their Naturalist & Pioneer badges as well as Rafting, Canoeing & Kayaking, learning different methods of Fire lighting and learning about Birds of Prey.

SAM_3755 (Small) SAM_3789 (Small)

SAM_3793 (Small) SAM_3924

SAM_3749 (Small) SAM_3736 (Small)

After lunch we had a couple of surprise presentations by Gordon (the Area Commissioner), the first being to Sion Davies who was presented with his Queen’s Scout Certificate and Roger Cragg then received his Medal of Merit for all of his work as DC over the previous 10 years. The afternoon followed with more of the same & a welcome bus to get everyone back to Penycae.

SAM_3772 (Small) SAM_3775 (Small)

Later on we had a campfire. Joshua Green (aged 8) said that he particularly liked joining in with the campfire songs but also watching Ashley (CSL 1st Trevor – seen above making rope with orange sleeves!) takeover the ‘Chubby Bunny’ title. He managing to beat the previous record of 29 & took the title with an impressive 33 marshmallows crammed  into his mouth & still managing to say ‘Chubby Bunny’ audibly!

SAM_3810 (Small) SAM_3811 (Small)

Sunday was a similar ’round robin’ of activities……

SAM_3820 (Small) SAM_3834 (Small)

SAM_3844 (Small)                                       SAM_3846 (Small)

SAM_3853 (Small)                                       SAM_3855 (Small)

SAM_3859 (Small)                   SAM_3862 (Small)

SAM_3923                   SAM_3865 (Small)



During lunch time (the highlight of which being the Banana Dolphins) the leaders took over the Bouncy Castle and had a few races – I tell you what, how these kids kept that up for 1/2 hour is beyond me – I think most of us agreed that 1 turn was enough to see us reaching for our chairs!

SAM_3883 (Small) SAM_3890 (Small)

SAM_3902 (Small) SAM_3904 (Small)


This was followed by our Ice Bucket Challenge (which can be seen on the Clwyd Leaders Facebook page) and then the activities resumed…..

SAM_3880 (Small) SAM_3884 (Small)


SAM_3876 (Small) SAM_3850 (Small)

SAM_3823 resized (Small) SAM_3860 (Small)

With so many activities going on over the weekend I was interested to find out which the Cubs enjoyed the most – expecting it to be the Abseiling or Archery, maybe the Rafting or Canoeing? Possibly even the Birds of Prey? But no – on a visit to 1st Johnstown it was the Waterslide, Go Karts & Bouncy Castle!

I have to finish with a huge thank you to all of the leaders who took part & made our first Llangollen District Cub Camp in many years the success that it was – and the next one? Mmmm – we’ll see……..