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    Scout Network Reboot

    The Scout Network is going through some changes to make the programme even better and accessible to all young adults between the ages of 18-25. In addition, from 2016 members of the Scout Network will not be required to pay membership fees. This means the Network is free to join and once you turn 18 you are automatically a part of Scout Network.

    Find out more information here 

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    We’re living in times when there is information available to us at a touch of a button, but with this availability of data come additional responsibility. All data that we hold about adult and youth members, whether we hold it electronically or in a paper format, must be held securely and only those who need the information should have access to it. When we’ve finished with the information it must be disposed of securely.

    More information about can be found in the ‘Data protection and Scouting’ section of the Scout Association’s website

    An additional point is surrounding access to emails. Many families may have a family email address. If you use your email for Scouting correspondence please make sure you use an email account that only you can access as you may receive information about individuals that may be of a sensitive nature. In addition, you should not discuss issues with those who do not need to know the detail.

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    A Million Hands

    Are you ready to help our young people to make a difference?

    A Million Hands is a community impact campaign that reflects the Scout Association’s ambition to mobilise half a million people by 2018 to support four social issues chosen by young people.

    The issues that the young people picked were: dementia, disability, mental wellbeing, and clean water and sanitation.

    Go to the A Million Hands website to find out more information and to register https://www.amillionhands.org.uk/

    Currently there the Area has 11 Beaver Colonies, 18 Cub Packs, 12 Scout Troops and 4 Explorer Scout Units registered.

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    Changes in Wrexham District

    Sue Lister will be standing down as District Commissioner for Wrexham District at the end of December. Sue has done an excellent job of developing and growing the District over the last five years, ably supported by her Deputy District Commissioner, Jill Lewis, who will be standing down at the same time. Thank you to both of them for everything they have done and achieved.

    There were a number of people nominated to take on the DC. As a result of the nominations David Morris (Moz) has been appointed District Commission for Wrexham District with effect from 1st January 2015. He will be supported by Jim Butcher (Butch), who will be Deputy District Commissioner as of the same date. Congratulations to both of them.