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Penyffordd Cub helps give care to collapsed man

Posted on March 7th, 2016 by gra173



A 9 year old boy recently helped give care to an elderly gentleman who had collapsed on the street, thanks to the first aid skills he had learnt in Cub Scouts.

Ethan Davies, from Penyffordd was out shopping with his parents when they heard a woman shout for help. As they went to look they found an elderly man who had collapsed, knocking out his teeth. Ethan and his parents approached to see if they could help, and Ethan said that they needed to take the gentleman’s mind off what had happened, and to keep him warm while they waited for the ambulance. So Ethan spoke to the man and told him to think happy thoughts, and used his coat to keep the man warm.

Ethan said ‘Some people had put coats on him already, but his legs looked cold so I used my coat to cover his legs to keep him warm while we waited for the paramedics’

Ethan then stood on a chair to look out for the ambulance, and when the paramedics arrived he waved them over, told them the man’s name and age and explained what had happened to him.

Ethan said ‘I learnt about first aid in Beavers and Cubs, the leaders set up a first aid incident, and they told us how to deal with casualties by keeping them warm and talking to them to keep their mind of what had happened’

Penyffordd Cub leader Hannah Morris said ‘We’re really proud of the efforts Ethan made to help this man when he really needed it. First aid is something we teach throughout a child’s time in Scouting, We hope the Cubs never have to use the first aid skills we teach, but it’s reassuring to know that with incidents like this, the Cubs can put the skills they have learnt to good use’

When asked why he decided to help the man, Ethan said ‘It was the feeling, that if that ever happened to me, I’d want other people to help me, like I helped the man’


Ethan 1 Ethan 2


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Why Wrexham Scouts say a million hands make light work

Posted on October 8th, 2015 by admin
Young people from across Wrexham have signed up to make a difference with a new campaign from the Scouts to give them the opportunity to help others.

New figures released today have revealed that the UK may be losing out on over 15.4 million hours of youth volunteering time each month. 

The poll, commissioned by The Scout Association and conducted by ComRes, discovered that 82% of young people in the UK believe it is important for today’s youth to tackle social issues. However only 36% of one thousand 12-24 year olds spoken to believe that they have the opportunity to do so, with one third (37%) participating in social action once every week.

Scouts in Wrexham hope to help buck this trend by forging partnerships with charities concerned with disability, mental health, dementia, and access to clean water. One group of teenagers, K2 Explorer Scouts, looked at each of the issues and decided to work with Mind to support those with mental health issues.
One of the Scouts, Harry Morgan, 17 from Cross Lanes, said, “Mental health has become an ever more prevalent issue that we have only really come to grips with over the past decade. Being able to provide support to those who need it most will give us a feeling of satisfaction, knowing that those who are coping with their day to day struggles are being given the attention and care that they deserve.”

Sue Lister from Wrexham Scouts said, “In Scouting, we believe in changing lives, which is why we encourage young people to get involved in volunteering early on. Almost three quarters of Scouts volunteer in their local communities every week.”

“Scouts have always helped other people. In the past this has manifested itself in many ways, from litter picking to washing cars. However we want to move from being merely ‘useful’ to having a life-changing impact. That’s why The Scout Association has launched A Million Hands, a new campaign to mobilise half a million Scouts to help inspire more youth volunteering and social action across the UK.”

Bear Grylls, UK Chief Scout, who is launching the campaign, said: “The Scout Association is pledging one million hands, to support four of the biggest social issues currently facing the UK and the wider world. But we can’t do it on our own. We want all young people to come and give Scouting a try and to get involved. This is how we can all play a vital role in shaping tomorrow’s world for the better.”

Find out more about the Scouts at
Notes to editors
– for more information please contact David Morris on 07779 272340
– please find attached a photo of three members of K2 Explorer Scout Unit: Tom Koscinska, Rebecca Jones and Matthew Jarmaine who are all lending a hand to support mental health charity Mind.

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Trooping the Colour – London!

Posted on June 8th, 2015 by SJWSL3rdPrestatyn

Three Skips, One ASL, One Young Leader and a gaggle of Scouts go to London!

11393017_10153327059112969_7372721047394683350_n 11377280_10153327077457969_1764609909093568253_n 10422167_10153327077627969_6555758131237621970_n

Our Clwyd Contingent set off at 5am on Saturday and headed off down South.  Dez SL of 1st Rhuddlan Scouts, was joined by Graham SL and a young leader of 1st Halkyn Mountain Scouts, Simon SL and Matthew ASL of 3rd Prestatyn Scouts, and scouts from 1st Halkyn Mountain, 3rd Prestatyn and 1st Carmel.

We had front row standing room at Horse Guards and eagerly anticipated the arrival of the guard regiments and their bands. They arrived with pipes and drums playing and we were treated to a truly British spectacle, and when Prince Charles heard we were there, he decided to come down to see us too!

11393240_10153327079467969_7879502027003727505_n 11393146_10153327086152969_3061947658486329934_n 11390519_10153327085237969_4182442103409143574_n

After Horse Guards we went to see Aunty Lizzies house…but she was out, so we decided to go and see Dave….but he was out too! We concluded that the only option was to go on a hike.  On our travels we saw the houses of Parliament, the Palace of Westminster, and the London Eye before taking a breather in Waterloo Station.

Fed and watered, we carried on to the the Imperial War Museum, London Bridge and the Tower of London.  Due to the Tower Gardens tube station being closed, we had to execute a daring race to Euston station, jumping on the train with less than two minutes to spare.  We were tired, our feet were sore and more importantly we were out of sweets; but we’d had a fantastic time!

Huge thanks to Des for organising the trip.

Written by Simon Williams, SL, 3rd Prestatyn.


If there are any mistakes in the article, or you would like to add your pictures, please let me know.














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Wrexham Scouts in Switzerland

Posted on August 29th, 2014 by admin

Wrexham District Scout have just returned from an action packed trip to Switzerland.

The Scouts travelled to the Alpine village of Adelboden where they stayed in their own chalet in the heart of the mountains


In over a week of adventures they walked in the Alps – including an ascent of First, spent time in the pool, had a go on segways, travelled on cable-cars, saw the Eiger, visited the World Scout Centre in Kandersteg and braved a high ropes course.

Daniel Campbell, 13 from Wrexham, said: “I thought the Switzerland trip was fantastic. I loved the high ropes because it was my first time using a zip wire. Switzerland was a amazing country filled with beautiful scenery, nice people and stunning houses.”

High ropes

The Scouts used tour company Jeka to help the adult volunteers with the organisation of the trip. Leader Dave Drew said: “The trip was a great opportunity to take the Scouts one step beyond the weekly activities they enjoy. The same was also true for the adults, who got the chance to further their experience, grow in confidence and experience adventures outside their usual range.”

Alison Hamlington, whose daughter Nia went on the camp said: “It’s great knowing that my child can take part in a well organised trip, experience different countries and cultures whilst knowing she is in a safe environment.”

Group shot

Read Dave’s full account here

See the full photo gallery

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Flintshire Beaver Scouts enjoy fun day

Posted on May 15th, 2014 by gra173

100 Beaver Scouts from across Flintshire recently took part in a Beaver fun day where they got the chance to take part in lots of activities and learn new skills.

Almost 40 adult volunteers were also there to ensure the day ran smoothly and the Beavers had a fantastic time.

Sue Lloyd, Assistant District Commissioner for Flintshire Beavers said “Events like this are always fantastic, it’s great to see children from all different parts of Flintshire joining together to take part in activities. We’ve put on a wide variety of activities today and the Beavers will hopefully gain new skills by attending. We have put a lot of focus into First Aid this year as it’s such an important skill to learn. Scouts of all ages, from the youngest at 6 right up to 18 will learn first aid, as you never know when you may need to use it, whether it’s to stop someone from bleeding, or even to save someone’s life through CPR it’s a very important skill that Scouts will take with them for the rest of their lives.”


The activities on offer ranged from cooking on a campfire to trying out CPR on first aid dummies. The event was also the first District activity that Flint Beavers, the newest Beaver Scout group in Flintshire have attended since forming.

6 year old Flint Beaver Oliver Jones said “ Toasting marshmallows on the campfire was the best bit today because I liked eating them. Getting all my badges is my favourite thing about being a beaver.”

6 year old Iwan Weaver, also a member of the new Flint Beaver Group said “Putting bandages on was really fun because you got to put them on other people and then they put them on you.”

Flintshire Scouts currently have 840 Youth members and 200 adult volunteers across the district, but there are still young people on waiting lists because of a lack of adult helpers, if you feel you could give up any amount of time to help, please talk to your local scout group.




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Hundreds of Scouts paddle the River Wye

Posted on May 13th, 2014 by gra173

Last weekend over 100 Scouts from all across wales took part in a 35 mile canoe cruise on the River Wye in Hereford. The annual event sees scouts from across Wales paddle the 35 Miles over 3 days, staying at a different campsite each night.

Penyffordd Scout Aiden Mcquail, 13 said “I always enjoy the river Wye weekend, it’s a great time to get better at kayaking, and it’s always good to meet up with friends who you haven’t seen since the year before. The weather this year was really sunny so I didn’t mind getting wet”

This year the Scouts were joined by a special guest, Chief Commissioner for Scouts in Wales, Gareth Watson who paddled, accompanied by Penyffordd Scouts, on the first day of the Cruise.

Gareth said “It was great to get away from meetings and join in with our young members on the Wye Cruise. Being a little out of practice it was a relief to have the Scouts of Penyffordd to encourage me along, and rescue me when I capsized!  It was fantastic to see so many on the cruise and to see them all helping teaching each other along the river”

Scouts get the chance to take part in many adventurous activities during their time as a member and kayaking is just one of them.




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More adults volunteering with the Scouts in North East Wales

Posted on May 1st, 2014 by admin

Figures announced by the Scouts today show that more adults are coming forward to volunteer in Denbighshire, Flintshire and Wrexham. The organisation is now calling on people to step forward to take on support roles to make sure Scouting is enjoyed by more and more young people.

Over the last 10 years there has been a 60% rise in the number of adults helping out the Scouts locally. In 2004 the number was 353, with 1,715 young people as members. This year there are 568 adults and 2,356 youngsters. Scouting also continues to grow across the UK where there have been nine years of sustained growth.

All these extra adults need supporting however, especially when they’re new to their roles, and this is putting an increasing strain on those adult volunteers in support roles.

Jim Butcher, 34 from Wrexham, holds several different support roles in Scouting. He is the group manager of the 1st Rhosnesni Scout Group, supporting a team of over 20 adults, he manages six different Explorer Scout Units, he sits on the District Executive Committee and advises on the running of the Scout Shop.

Jim said, “I really enjoy the challenge of these roles, and get to see how my time directly helps more young people enjoy Scouting. However there are times when having more people in these crucial roles would help me out. Anyone with a bit of experience in administration, event planning or managing other people could easily help us. They don’t need to have been involved in Scouting before.”

The increase in membership numbers locally reflects the latest census figures nationally which have just been published. This data provides evidence of sustained growth across the UK for the ninth consecutive year with a membership total of over 550,000.  This has cemented Scouting as the largest co-educational youth Movement in the country.

The Scout Association, which seeks to transform the lives of young people by providing an inspiring programme of everyday adventure has confirmed its commitment to further increase the number of young members. It is launching a plan to recruit a further 58,000 more young people, as well as 18,000 more adult volunteers, by 2018.  Over 200 activities, including adventure glider flights, skiing, rock climbing and water zorbing, are offered by Scouting around the UK, so it’s no surprise that more and more young people are joining the Movement.

Laura Bentley, a 17 year old Explorer Scout from Marchwiel said: “I go to Scouts to have fun, it’s as simple as that. The opportunities it has given me are amazing, whether it’s an expedition abroad, a local camp, or simply a weekly meeting with the group, I’m always learning new skills and have even had the chance to participate in activities such as scuba diving and windsurfing. The ‘get involved’ attitude of Scouting has given me a level of confidence which I didn’t have before. Also, being a Young Leader at a local group has given me a level of responsibility that I would not have experienced through school or college, and has given me the chance to help those younger than me discover new ideas and develop skills as they grow through Scouting.”

Sam Wilde, a 15 year old Explorer Scout from Gresford said: “I’m a young leader because it’s a time when I can show what I’m made of and prove to my peers that I have something I’m good at, as they are at things like football and BMX. It helps me because it’s a place where I’ve overcome my problem with talking out and to large crowds and I’ve improved so many skills along the way and I have had my voice heard because I am seen as mature because of my role.”

Chief Scout Bear Grylls said: “I am super proud to see so many young people and adults learning new life skills, achieving personal rewards through Scouting.  I am excited to see Scout numbers continue to rise across the UK and the big reasons for this are that more and more young people are realising that Scouting can give them so much – whether it’s the opportunity to be involved with some incredible adventures, learn practical life, outdoor and teamwork skills, or helping to improve their local communities.  People don’t want to miss out and Scouting brings them all together, empowers them and allows them to make a positive impact.”



  • For further Information or interview requests please contact Moz on 07779 272340 – however please note that I’m away on a Scout canoeing expedition with 150 others down the River Wye this weekend (see what we mean about doing lots of roles!), so if you don’t get an answer, please contact Gordon Richardson, Area Commissioner, on 07970 140004.
  • Attached photo shows kids having fun at the Clwyd Scouts’ Bangoree event were hundreds of Scouts from across NE Wales camped together at Bangor-on-Dee Racecourse – “Can you help the Scouts meet their targets?”


  • Each year The Scout Association conducts an annual census of its membership. This is carried out across the UK and allows the Movement to identify trends and patterns of growth and development both locally and across the UK.


• The Scout Association was founded on 1 August 1907.
• Adventure is at the core of Scouting, and the Association passionately believes in helping their members fulfil their full physical, intellectual, social and spiritual potential by working in teams, learning by doing and thinking for themselves.
• Over 200 activities are offered by Scouting around the UK, made possible by the efforts of over 100,000 volunteer adult leaders. This has helped make Scouting the largest co-educational youth Movement in the UK.
• One of the challenges that the Scout Movement faces is finding more volunteers to plug the current gap.  At present there are over 40,000 young people on waiting lists as more and more young people want to experience the adventure of Scouting.
• Studies have shown Scout Leaders contribute the equivalent of 37 million hours voluntary work every year which is the equivalent of £380 million pounds worth of unpaid youth work.
• Worldwide Scouting has more than 30 million male and female Members and operates in nearly every country in the world.
• In January 2012, HRH, The Duchess of Cambridge started to volunteer with the Scout Movement with her local Group in North Wales
• 91% of Scout volunteers and 88% of youth members say that Scouting has helped them develop key skills for life (Source: nfpSynergy Brand Attributes Survey, May 2012 and PACE Members survey 2011)
• In 2012 Scouting was voted the UK’s most inspirational and practical Charity. (Source: nfpSynergy Brand Attributes Survey, May 2012 and PACE Members survey 2011)
• 44% of parents would would like their children to join Scouting (fast.MAP 2013)

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Llangollen Cubs have day in great outdoors

Posted on April 15th, 2014 by admin

A group of Scouts from the Llangollen area have had a day that many kids dream of – climbing trees, getting messy and lighting fires.

Over a hundred Cub Scouts, girls & boys aged between 8 and 10, travelled to Kibblestone International Campsite in Staffordshire.

As well as trying adventurous activities like rock climbing, caving and obstacle courses, they got to have a go on a lathe, cooked on on open fire and even got to get up close and personal with barn owls and hawks.

Cub Scout Leader Karen Knight said, “The Cubs visibly grew in confidence as the day went on, completing tasks they didn’t imagine they’d be able to do. The day was a huge success!”

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Scouts’ Seven Wonders of Wales

Posted on April 15th, 2014 by admin

Wrexham Scouts celebrated St David’s Day in style last weekend with a Seven Wonders of Wales themed camp attended by over one hundred boys and girls.

The weekend was held at a Scout campsite near Colwyn Bay and thirteen Scout troops and Explorer Scout units were represented.

For the base on Gresford Bells Scouts had to complete a treasure hunt which led them to the local church where they then had to ring the bells and have a go at hand bells.

Meanwhile the Pistyll Rhaedr base created it’s own waterfall of sorts when the youngsters had a go using the fire hose from a Green Goddess fire engine which is owned by one of the leaders.

Natasha Vening, aged 13 from Rhosnesni Scouts, said: ‘I enjoyed the hiking base the best as we had to get to a destination, but we could plan our own route, practice map reading and we solved clues along the way.

‘I think that it is important to mark St David’s Day, as he is the patron saint of Wales and we are Welsh! He is a role model to us and we should honour his memory.’


On the Sunday the older Explorer Scouts were given a treat when they were taken white water rafting, representing Llangollen Bridge, at the National Whitewater centre at Tryweryn.

Ben Ledsham, aged 14 from Bishop’s Own Explorer Scouts, said: ‘Rafting was a great experience. The shock of the cold water really wakes you up in the morning. I enjoyed every moment of it and recommend it to all who love a good laugh.’

The Scouts welcome new members, both young people and adult volunteers. Call 0845 300 1818 or visit to find your nearest group.


Notes to editors

– Please find attached two photos: one of Scout Ben Williams, aged 10, having a go on the fire engine hose, and the other of Explorer Scouts rafting.

– For more information contact David Morris on 07779 272340

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