Winter Adventure

Over the next 10 weeks, we’ll be setting 10 themes with exciting activity suggestions for all Sections.

The challenge is for each Section to take part in all 10!

For January, your themes are:

7. New Year

You Could:

Celebrate Chinese New Year

Make Coke Fireworks (Mentos, Food Colouring)

8. St Winefride’s Well

You Could:

Make a wishing well for your Section

Plan your own pilgrimage to points and places of interest in your local area. Maybe to be used as a group activity once conditions allow.

9. Snowdon

You Could:

Explore other local record holders with World Record Trivia

It’s the highest Café, Station and Trig Point in Wales, discover the highest landmarks/ features in your town/ village/ district.

10. Llangollen Bridge

You Could:

Take Inspiration from the TV show ‘The Bridge’ and take part in your very own Murder Mystery!

Bridge building challenge with Spaghetti or Lego- maybe a replica of Llangollen Bridge!

For January, your themes are:

4. Gresford Bells

You Could:

Make Bells or Wind Chimes from natural or recyclable materials- maybe try and play a tune with them, too!

Bell Tower Pioneering

5. Overton Yew Trees

You Could:

Archery (Bows are traditionally made of Yew)

Find your local Yew Trees & conduct a Tree Survey

Learn about Druids (the Yew Tree was a sacred tree)

Do some wood work, carving, knife and axework.

6. Christmas

You Could:

Make a Christmas Dinner on an Open Fire.

Christmas Bird Cake Themed Incident Hike- think challenges involving sleighs, Santa’s and a baby Jesus!

Take part in an appeal such as the Shoebox Appeal.

For January, your themes are:

  1. Remembrance Day

You Could:

  • Explore Day of the Dead
  • Create a Poppy Geocache
  1. Pistyll Rhaeadr Waterfall- one of the highest waterfalls in Wales

You Could:

  • Experiment with Water Filtration
  • Build a Raft
  • Create a stop motion video using water
  1. St Giles’ Church

You Could:

  • Explore a Churchyard
  • Create a Stained Glass lantern
  • Craft your own Gyles Brandreth style jumper