Over the last twelve months there have been several changes with regards to the ScoutsWales Council structure, but there are still two arms; the volunteer support structure and the paid staff structure.

Volunteer Support Structure

Central to the operation of ScoutWales is the Board of Trustees. The Board is made up volunteers from across Wales and are ultimately responsible for everything that goes with governance; finance and resources, the Scouts Wales Advisory Appointments Committee, management the Cornel and Hafod activity centres, and other projects including ‘All Wales’ activities. The senior management team (Chief Commissioners and Assistant Chief Commissioners) and the Area Commissioners provide input into the Board.


Staff Structure

Governance of the paid members of staff is undertaken by the Board of Trustees. Simon Brownsill is the senior member of paid staff and he has a very diverse role: to ensure paid members of staff are managed correctly and in accordance with employment law, to ensure that governance and financial control is in place, to represent and promote ScoutsWales at a national level (internal and external to Scouting), to provide strategy and direction in conjunction with the Chief Commissioners, and to support the senior volunteers (Chief Commissioners, Area Commissioners and District Commissioners).

The ScoutsWales office is managed by Tracy Lowe (who is also the Executive Secretary). Tracy is supported by Alison Harding who administrates programme and development, and Jane Churchill who looks after finance.

Debbie Tanner is the Senior Development Officer and is responsible for managing the four local Development and Planning Officers (Mark Winson for Clwyd) and to work towards strengthening existing provision and open new Scout Groups and Sections across Wales.