We wanted to update you all on what’s happening with the Volunteer Experience changes which we are in the middle of currently. As I’ve previously explained, the launch of digital systems has been delayed until later this year due to issues with data transfer from Compass.

But this doesn’t mean we are stopping our work on this.

There are a couple of parts of the changes which we can’t start without the digital platform. They are:


This completely relies on the new digital system so we can’t start moving from Getting Started to Growing Roots until this is operational. In the meantime, please keep doing your training as required using the existing systems.


Again, we need the new system to record who’s done the Welcome Conversation learning and then record the Welcome Conversations themselves, so we can’t start with these yet. We can however look at making Appointments Committee panels more flexible and friendly, such as doing these at the volunteers meeting place.

There are some things which we can – and should – start changing now.

Our Volunteering Culture

We should start embedding Our Volunteering Culture into the Area, Districts and Groups. Use the Our Volunteering Culture activities within local teams to reflect on what could be improved further.

Executive Committees to Trustee Boards

All Group Executive Committees should be calling themselves Group Trustee Boards by now, with Group Executive Committee Members being called Trustees.

More importantly, the function should have changed – Trustee Boards should be ensuring Groups are safe, on track and in the black. They should not be fundraising or maintaining buildings – just checking there is enough money and that buildings are maintained.

The membership of Trustee Boards is next for change with how people are appointed as Trustees and limits to their term in office.

Group Trustee Boards are there to double check things. For example while Group Leadership Teams should check that all their activities are covered by written risk assessments, the Trustees should be double checking this, for example by randomly dropping into meetings and asking to see the risk assessment.

Following the recent inquest into the tragic death of Ben Leonard, this has never been more important.

Click here for much more information on the move to Trustee Boards

Teams and Titles

Finally, we are now starting to move from roles based volunteering, where everything was on a few people, to a teams based approach. We should start using new titles such as Group Lead Volunteer instead of Group Scout Leader, Beavers Section Team Leader instead of Beaver Scout Leader.

Clwyd is currently setting up the new teams at both Area and District level.

We will have a 14-24 Team, a Programme Team and a Support Team for each District, and we may share the Volunteering Development Team either across the whole Area or by linking up Districts.

If you’re not sure what each Team does have a look at our Tasks and Teams quiz – see if you can match each task to the correct team.

Clwyd Transformation Conference

Most of you will bound to have at least a few questions about all this. So we’ll be giving everyone the opportunity to come together as an Area – whatever role you have – so we can all talk, listen and plan to make the most of these changes.

We’ll be holding this event on Saturday 20th April at 10:30am – venue to be confirmed – please put the date in your diary now.

The day will start with a couple of sessions all together where we’ll go through the changes which will effect everyone, then after lunch we’ll break into smaller groups depending on your role.

The idea is that after the conference everyone will have a much better idea of what the new structure is, then we can finalise who is in which team and start moving over to this new way of volunteering and supporting volunteers soon after.

More details on the full plans for the day very soon.

In the meantime, if you have any questions please email transform@clwydscouts.org.uk – or you can send a chat via our Clwyd Scouts Transformation Help Facebook page.

Thanks for your time reading this. Exciting times ahead…!