Transforming our volunteer experience

We’re transforming volunteering at Scouts to make it easier, more enjoyable and rewarding.

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We’re no longer having Scout Leaders, District Commissioners or Scout Active Support Members. So…

What’s my role again?

Digital tools preview

Help for Trustees

Lots of help for new & existing Trustees

Read all the details on the main UK Volunteer Experience site

Why are we doing this?

A lot of people don’t like change, and don’t understand the word ‘transformation’ – so perhaps it’s best thinking of what we’re doing as fixing problems rather than just changing for change’s sake.

We spoke to thousands of people both inside and outside the movement, and here’s some of the things they told us were wrong:

  • A Wood Badge is required within 3 years when many only stay for 2
  • Lots of work done by a few people while others don’t have enough to do
  • 53% District Commissioner and 27% Group Scout Leader roles vacant
  • Over 400 different roles
  • New volunteers being interviewed by strangers
  • Terrible digital tools
  • Exec Committees drinking tea, eating biscuits and nodding

They are broke, and we are fixing them!

When’s it happening in Clwyd?

Now – we are now starting to work in Teams and embrace our Volunteering Culture.

Now – we need people to become Welcome Conversation Volunteers.

Become a Welcome Conversation Volunteer

June 1st – we will be able to replace Appointments Panels with Welcome Conversations. This must be done by September 1st.

Late summer – the new Digital Tools will launch including Welcome System, Membership System and Learning System.

Please note this is for us as an Early Adopter Area – 90% of the UK will be adopting the changes later

1st Neverchange

Find out what happened when Jacob met Akela, Skip and Silver Beaver and listened to their concerns…

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