Information for Group Scout Leaders and District Teams

Following on from the briefings we gave to Group Scout Leaders and District Teams, below are a list of resources which we promised following those meetings.

If you are a Group Scout Leader or District Team member who did not attend a briefing, please see the recording below and get in touch if you have any questions.

  • Team descriptions
  • Laptop order form Word/PDF (see below for details) – email completed form to Christopher.Cotterill AT

Laptops for Social Value Initiative

XMA Ltd – predominantly an IT and Print solution re-seller to public and private sectors across the UK – are providing laptops at less than cost price.

So far, they have managed to help over 400 charities, councils, schools, and other organisations with this initiative. As part of their Corporate and Social Responsibility, they are supplying part-funded laptops to anyone where there would be a social value or benefit though their digital poverty mission to “Connect The UK”.

The Tactus Geobook laptops are in stock and come fully loaded with Microsoft Windows 10 Pro Education, a 2-year warranty and are discounted to just £84 per device. They are also offering HP Chromebooks with Chrome OS and 1-year manufacturer’s warranty at just £99.60 per device.

Pete Jones, Group Scout Leader of 1st Esclusham, has purchased 3 laptops for his Group (pictured above) – one for him, one for the Team member who manages OSM and one for the Group Treasurer, and he highly recommends them.

Recording of Zoom session for those that missed it or didn’t attend a face-to-face session

Clwyd Timeline

March 2023

May-June 2023

  • Start working in teams ✅
  • Share Our Volunteering Culture
  • Briefing meeting for District and Area Teams ✅
  • Clwyd Reunion – we’ll be there all weekend to answer your questions ✅
  • Briefing meetings for Group Scout Leaders ✅

July 2023

  • Work with Districts and Area to create new Teams ✅
  • Discussions with those with roles which don’t map automatically across ✅

August 2023

  • Continue planning ✅
  • Continue cleaning up Compass data ✅
  • Continue ensuring training validated and recorded on Compass ✅

September-October 2023

  • Group Transformation sessions supported by Transformation Team ✅

November 2023

  • Agree structure of Area and District Teams ✅
  • Let people know which Teams they will be part of
  • Group Scout Leader Q&A Zoom sessions

January 2024

  • Learning mapped across to new system

February 2024

  • Transition to new system
  • Compass switched off
  • New system switched on
  • Current roles mapped across to Teams