1st Neverchange Scout Group

The Clwyd Transformation Team have been sharing information about the ways we’re transforming Scouting. Tonight they met Akela, Skip and Silver Beaver from the 1st Neverchange. Let’s see how they got on (transcript and links below)…

Akela: They’ve only just changed us from Wolf Cubs to Cub Scouts! Why change again so soon!?

Well that change was 58 years ago and we’ve kept changing, keeping up to date with the times, ever since!

Skip: (grasping wood beads) I’ve heard they’re taking my Wood Beads off me! You’ll have to rip them off me if you dare!

While we are changing the rules so that Wood Badge is no longer compulsory for any role, this award will very much be staying – recognising volunteers who’ve completed learning over and above the basic level.

Silver Beaver: As well as being Silver Beaver I’m also Group Secretary. But not for much longer I hear. Dis- GUSTING!

Well Silver Beaver, your right, the role of Secretary is being removed on the advice of the Charity Commission. We think it’s a good idea to follow their advice don’t you.

Akela: Sounds marvellous… where are all these extra people going to come from?

So you’re right – we do want more people to volunteer. There’s nothing controversial about that is there? But we hope that the changes will make more people want to help out.

Skip: You say you’re making things simpler but what are all these team and sub teams. I’m so confused!

OK so yes, the introduction of the teams is a big change – but its only 4 new teams and shares out the tasks a bit more. We’ll soon get used to these teams and all will be more clear.

Silver Beaver: It’s ok saying that we work in teams now but surely SOMEONE has to be in charge? What happens if something goes wrong?

Yes, you’re absolutely right, someone does have to be in charge at a meeting, event, camp, etc. That’s the Leader In Charge and those guidelines exist today and haven’t changed. Each Team will also have a Team Leader who makes sure the Team is running effectively.

Akela: How do you expect me to be able to use this interweb thingy? I cant use a computer and feel so left behind by it all!

There will be lots of support to help those who find IT a challenge. We really hope we can get more skilled up – Skills for Life isn’t just for young people. But there will be ways round for those who can’t do IT at all – for example having a nominated proxy.

Skip: We were promised that Compass was going to be a great tool to help us, but it didn’t turn out that way. Isn’t this just going to be the same thing?

There’s only one way we’ll be able to convince you this isn’t Compass 2 – and that’s when it’s launched and you see it. The most important thing though is that Compass was something we could’t change. The new system will be able to be improved and changed in house.

Silver Beaver: How are we going to keep up with all of our fundraising now that the ‘Trustee Board’ doesn’t do it? We always used to be closely supported by our Group Exec!

It could be the same people who do it currently. But when they are acting as a Trustee Board they are doing a different task. When they are fundraising, it would be as part of the Group Leadership Team. But you could have different people who do the fundraising and who don’t want to be Trustees.

Akela: Our Group Scout Leader likes his title and think it makes the role sound responsible. Now it’s just Group Lead Volunteer? It doesn’t carry the same weight!

Skip: Yes, at work I’m a team member. I don’t want my leader role to make me feel as though I’m still at work. Why can’t I still be a scout leader?

All of these changes are to help us attract and keep volunteers – something everyone tell us is the number one priority. Reducing the number of different role titles, and using titles which are already familiar to most people helps this. We’ve done lots of research with people who aren’t current volunteers and hundreds of confusing titles is one thing which puts them off volunteering. In fact – I’d say someone who wants their title to carry weight is doing it for the wrong reason!

Jenny: To be honest, I’m just sick of all the delay! Can we just get on with it!!?

We understand your frustration. Believe me, we’re just as annoyed. But think back to what was said about Compass. Would you rather us rush it and get a system which isn’t ready? Don’t worry, it’s coming soon!

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