Clwyd – pronounced “cloo-id” – is the Scout area which covers the unitary authorities of Denbighshire, Flintshire and Wrexham in north east Wales.

Our location is shown by the purple area on the map below.

Clwyd map

The person who is responsible for supporting scouting in Clwyd Area is the Area Commissioner, Gavin Scott. The Area Commissioner is the ‘line manager’ of the District Commissioners and reports to the Chief Commissioner of Wales.

Gavin is supported by a team of people who, together with the District Commissioners, make up the Area Team.


Who’s who?


Area Commissioner

Roger Cragg

Roger Cragg

Assistant Area Commissioner (Activities)

Gerry Kellett

Assistant Area Commissioner (International)


Area Exec

Just like all groups and districts, the area has to have an executive committee. This is a business committee whose function is to support scouting in Clwyd Area.

Its meetings, held 6 times a year, are attended by:

  • its chairman, secretary and treasurer
  • the Area Commissioner
  • an elected representative from each District
  • the area’s representative to the committee of the Welsh Scout Council
  • an under-25 representative
  • Other members can be nominated by the Area Commissioner and also can be co-opted, as the committee feels necessary.


Scout groups are organised into districts, which are led by a District Commissioner who supports scouting in the district and who is the ‘line manager’ of the group scout leaders.

We have approximately sixty Scout groups in four districts.

The districts are Flintshire, Llangollen, Vale of Clwyd and Wrexham. The map below shows the districts in Clwyd.

Dan Campbell

District Commissioner, Flintshire

Joanne Gregory

District Commissioner, Llangollen

Simon Bannaghan

District Commissioner, Vale of Clwyd (Denbighshire)

David Morris

District Commissioner, Wrexham

New Horizons Fund

The Area is able to offer financial support to young people and adults who wish to take part in life enhancing activities. Find out more HERE.

Scout Cymru

The 12 areas of Wales are supported by the Scouts Cymru.

Visit the ScoutsCymru website