Area Strategy Plan Launch & New Horizons Funding Availability

Please note that this is the third edition of a monthly update we aim to provide to the Area via various media. As such, the Area leadership team is still deciding on the format and content to be delivered, which will only improve with time. Your input on how it can be improved would be very much appreciated. Please contact me directly at with suggestions or feedback.

Today I am excited and happy to announce the launch of the Clwyd Area Scouts Strategy Plan 2022-25 #get2good.

On the 30th of November, I officially launched this plan in an hour-long zoom session (recording available below) and I thank all those who spent an hour hooking up and listening to me explain what the Area Leadership Team have created and our plan for the next few years for the Area.
The plan comes in a few different versions, but it all rests on the one-page plan we designed to be as succinct as possible.

The website has now been updated to support the plan, and you can find out more by going here Clwyd Area Strategy Plan 22-25 – Clwyd Scouts

You will be able to download the full plan from the website.
We also recorded the session so if you want to listen to the plan launch in its entirety, you can use the link below to do so. You will need to enter the passcode: Z6v!E6Qg to access the recording via Zoom.


The website has also been updated to make it easier to submit New Horizons funding applications. You can find out how to do this here New Horizons Fund – Clwyd Scouts
For those that dont know what New Horizons is, Clwyd Area Scouts runs a New Horizons fund to encourage all members of The Scout Association in Clwyd to participate in activities that would typically be outside the usual range by nature of cost.

The fund intends to ‘actively promote participation in activities that capture the imagination and focus youth members and adult leaders to take part in life-enhancing activities that will develop them as individuals and sustain their involvement in Scouting to support future members in every section’

All members of The Scout Association in Clwyd are actively encouraged to apply for funding from the New Horizons fund via the application form below

Examples of such activities might include:World jamboreesExplorer belt expeditionsExceptional activities for the King’s Scout and Duke of Edinburgh Gold awards (possibly overseas)Overseas Explorer/Network activities with a notable service element part; Area, District or Unit levelThe Area has a pot of funds we are looking to provide to accepted applications. If you dont apply, you can’t be accepted, so please take some time to get the applications in!

Applications close at midnight on Tuesday, 28th February 2023.