Over the Easter weekend, Flintshire Scout Network members had the pleasure of attending successful gathering, with attendees coming from across the UK, hosted at Flintshires’s Gladstone Campsite. Participants from as far and wide as South London, Essex, Ormskirk, West Lancashire, Preston, and Scotland joined in, making it a truly national event. Together, they engaged in a variety of activities, explored the local area, and shared stories and experiences that brought them all closer.

The gathering kicked off with an exciting Friday night rodeo, followed by an impressive performance from The Midnight Cats. The weekend was packed with fun, including Sunday games and a Taskmaster quiz, which everyone enjoyed. Evenings were spent around the fire, discussing and sharing in the spirit of true scouting friendship.

A special highlight was a surprise visit from the Easter bunny, which added a festive touch to the gathering. Additionally, they had the opportunity to interact with the 14-24 redesign team from HQ, discussing the future of Network and winning some great prizes.

This event wasn’t just about the activities but also about networking, learning from each other, and building lasting friendships. It was a testament to the scouting spirit of adventure and camaraderie.

Kavan Jones, Flintshire Scout Network Lead Volunteer said, “we look forward to next year’s Gathering and to continue to make great memories and friendships”.