This weekend saw 98 Beavers and Squirrels from Flintshire District spend the weekend at Gladstone Campsite for their annual Damboree.

There was a total of 98 Beavers and Squirrels at the event, with 20 Explorer Scouts helping as well as Young Leaders. 8 Beaver Colonies and 4 Squirrel Dreys representing 8 Scout Groups from across the district.  

The participants took part in lots of adventurous activities such as archery, crossbows, axe throwing and fire lighting. They also took part in crafts, balloon modelling, knitting and crow green modelling. One of the highlights from the event was an inflatable assault course tying into the camp’s superhero theme. Everyone took part in a mass water fight too – luckily the weather was in their side!

Lead Volunteer for Flintshire District, Dan Reynolds, said:

“It is amazing to see all our youngest members from Squirrels and Beavers all taking part in some awesome activities. They consistently defy our expectations and show that they can hold their own against the older scouts – especially the Explorers in a water fight with sponges! I would like to thank all our volunteers and leaders of all ages who helped put this event together and make it so memorable and a success. Special mention to Nicola Robinson and Rhian Roberts for being our Damboree Event Leaders. Big events only happen because of the energy and leadership put in, and that was evident everywhere this weekend. Bravo and da iawn all.”

Dan Reynolds, Lead Volunteer

During Saturday Night’s campfire, several awards were handed out to both the young people and adult volunteers. Four Chief Scout’s Bronze Awards were handed out to four hard working Beavers. The Chief Scout’s Bronze Award is the highest award that a Beaver Scout can earn – to achieve it they must earn all of their challenge badges as well as four activity badges.

Kevin Field, Lead Volunteer for Clwyd Area also handed out Wood Badges to Beth Hughes and Charlotte Venables. The Wood Badge marks the completion of someone’s leader training – demonstrating their commitment and lots of hard work! Commissioner’s commendations were also presented to Sheila and Mike Dawson recognising their hard work as part of the Transformation Team.

A fun, enjoyable and memorable time was had by all involved!