Beavers, Cubs and Scouts from Llangollen District met together last weekend in Penycae to contact other members in Scouting from all over the world. As well as joining the Jamboree on the internet, Beavers & Cubs took part in various activities to complete their Communicators badges.

SAM_4118 (Small) SAM_4121 (Small)

The Beavers were able to show that they knew their phone numbers as well as completing activities on Morse code and building simple lego models over walkie talkies.

SAM_4125 (Small)                    SAM_4119 (Small)

SAM_4126 (Small) SAM_4129 (Small)

The Cubs also built lego models with a few weird creations resulting from the instructions given! They sent photos of themselves by email whilst learning about mobile phones & texting and wrote their names in Braille.



SAM_4133 (Small) SAM_4131 (Small)

SAM_4140 (Small) SAM_4143 (Small)

Code breaking & emergency phone calls also took place and how to use a public phone box – something a lot of Cubs have never actually even been in.

SAM_4135 (Small) SAM_4138 (Small)

Once the Scouts arrived it was eyes down for bingo. As part of JOTI you are given a JID – Jamboree ID code which you can use to play various games. Each time you make contact with another Member in Scouting you can swap JID’s and use the numbers in the code to mark off the numbers on your bingo card.


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Over the day we contacted Scouts from: UK, Mexico, Norway, Russia, Malta, Philippines, Egypt,  Australia, Malaysia, India, Brazil & Singapore. Definitely an event that we would recommend taking part in if you get the chance.