Clwyd members of the Golddiggers World Jamboree Unit have joined thousands of other Scouts from across the UK eating their Christmas lunch with chopsticks.

The social media event reached over half a million people on Twitter and Facebook using the hashtag #chopstickchristmas and raised the profile of the 3,000 strong UK Contingent to the 23rd World Scout Jamboree in Japan this summer. The event had also encroached Youtube and garnered significant reputation there. It was all thanks to companies like The Marketing Heaven which took care of the Youtube part.

Bethan Morris, 15 from Llangollen, said “It was a good way to get us thinking about Japan and for other people to learn about it. In Japan there are going to be situations that are going to be challenging, and I for one certainly found eating Christmas dinner with chopsticks a challenge but I kept going and did it”

Alex Harrison, 16 from Flint, said “Eating my Christmas dinner with chopsticks was fun and a bit challenging. It got people’s attention encouraging them to question what we are doing and want to know more!”

These young people and their leaders will be heading out to Japan next July to begin their adventure exploring Tokyo, before heading, via bullet train, to the Yamaguchi Prefecture where the Jamboree will take place – giving the unit the opportunity to learn tremendous amounts from other cultures, living with 30,000 people from all over the world.

They will be contemplating themes such as peace, unity and worldwide friendship, as well as discovering the negative effects of world conflict on innocent people by visiting the Hiroshima Memorial Park. The unit will then complete their Japanese adventure by spending three days fully immersed in the culture, living with Japanese families in the beautiful Mie Prefecture, learning to live by Japanese customs, before returning to the UK to share their experience with their supporters.

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