Please note that this is the second edition of a monthly update that I aim to provide to the Area via various media. As such, the Area leadership team are still deciding on the format and content to be delivered, and it will only improve with time. Your input on how it can be improved would be very much appreciated. Please contact me directly at with suggestions or feedback.

September and October have been seen the Area progressing with its planning and putting together an Area report for 2022. I hope that you enjoyed the first monthly update in September. 

This update is going to be a short one as I have attached a full Area report that we have been working on prior to the Annual General Meeting. It does a far better job at reviewing than any short email update could achieve.

We hope to use this report as a template for the following years and I trust that you find this a good review of the Area over the last year. It will no doubt only improve in future years.

Tonight (25th), we have the Clwyd Area Annual General Meeting at Gladstone Scout Campsite at 19:30, and I hope to see you there. I’ve included more information on this below. I’m planning to present the Area plan at this meeting, though not the entire document.