As we look to structure the Area for success, we identify vacancies for key roles. Can you help?

1. Area Youth Lead (Commissioner) – How can we make the Area Youth Shaped without an Area Youth Lead? This role is essential in ensuring that our Area is fully Youth Shaped and that our plans and strategies align with this core principle. There will be no ‘token young person’ here. Whoever takes on this role will find they are in the thick of the Area activity and will make a huge positive difference to our youth members. ROLE DESCRIPTION HERE . Applications from the 18-25 age group only.

2. Team Lead – Area Volunteer Development Team – Improving the volunteer experience within the Area is key to ensuring that we are providing the best onboarding, support and development of our family. Whoever takes on this role will be a key player in ensuring that we constantly improve the volunteer journey and deliver on our promise to be a ‘centre of excellence’ for training and learning delivery in the UK. ROLE DESCRIPTION HERE

The application process is super simple and will take only a few minutes. Head over to the below link to apply.


Both of these roles have an application closure date of midnight on the 28th of February 2023.

As always, thank you for being you and for delivering #skillsforlife to our young people on the ground, day in and day out. If any of you feel like making a change on a wider scale, don’t hesitate to apply. We need all the help we can get and any assistance is appreciated.

Full support for the roles is guaranteed. They are both key to making a positive difference across the Area to all of our family. 

I look forward to speaking with you.

Area Lead Volunteer