A group of Scouts from Wrexham have just left for the 25th World Scout Jamboree which takes place this August in Korea.

The eight teenagers will join 50,000 Scouts from almost every country on the globe for the event which takes place from August 1st to the 12th in Gunsan-si, South Korea. This, the 25th World Jamboree holds significant historic value as the first Jamboree dates back to 1920, over a century ago.

During the camp the young people will take part in a huge variety of activities, each alongside Scouts from countries as diverse as India, Mexico, Kenya and Norway, all with the aim of learning new skills, experiencing new cultures and fostering friendships which will last a lifetime.

Jamie Barlow, 17 from Holt said, “It’s been my dream to attend the World Scout Jamboree as a participant since I joined Scouts over 10 years ago when a friend brought me to a bring a friend night.

“I hope after the Jamboree I will be so much more confident when talking to new people and have more understanding of the world from hearing about a variety of cultures.”

Georgia Ellams, 16 from Bersham said, “I joined Scouts as soon as I could as a Beaver. I have always loved being outdoors and getting my hands dirty. Now as a Young Leader I enjoy teaching Scouts skills for life as I was taught when I was their age and show them all the amazing opportunities they can have when they are older, like attending the Jamboree.”

“I am really excited to experience all the different cultures. I find it very interesting how different people’s views and ways of life are and would love to learn more about them. During the Jamboree I would like to talk to as many people as possible from around the globe and especially embrace the Korean culture.”

To attend the Jamboree the Scouts each have to pay a fee of £3,500. Participants have worked together to fundraise their fee, both to ensure that Jamborees are open to all, no matter their financial circumstances, and also so they appreciate the value of money.

Many Scouts spend years looking forward to the event as only those aged 14- to 17 are eligible to apply. Participants are selected two years ahead of the event so the Scouts can focus on their fundraising skills to pay for their trip. 

Jamie said, “I have been sponsored to go down the longest zip line in the world at ZipWorld, sold festive treats at my village light switch on as well as running a tombola. My most successful fundraiser was organising and running a curry and quiz night in which I raised £630. Lastly and most importantly I de cluttered the house by selling lots of things on eBay.”

Since they were selected the Scouts, many of whom didn’t know each other before, have been on several preparation camps so they could become friends, find out what was ahead of them in Korea and learn the necessary skills to make the most of the experience.

Those heading to the Jamboree will also have the amazing opportunity of exploring Seoul for three days and also embark on the popular Demilitarised Zone (DMZ) tour, where they will see the original demarcation line between North Korea and South Korea at the end of World War II.

Georgia said, “I have already grown so much in confidence, from meeting new people and having to talk to members of the public for fundraising. I hope that my confidence with continue to grow at the Jamboree.”