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 Let’s be informed! We’re asking Group Scout Leaders and District Explorer Scout Commissioners to take on this challenge of briefing their teams on the transformation changes that are nearly here! We’ve provided them with the information to deliver the message but will be here to help if they need it. 🤝Clwyd Area AGM is going ahead on Tuesday 19th August via Zoom. You can find the link below. All members are welcome to attend.We are organising a Clwyd Area Awards evening for January 2024 🏅 to hand out some awesome awards and look back on a successful year! More information to follow next month.Nominations for the bucket load of Area awards can be completed here. Get your nominations in and let’s recognise amazing! Area Awards NominationsWe are running an Area Photo competition with the theme of Hometown Pride. This is available to all members and young people so get your submissions in ASAP! Area Photo Competition📸Read the new Volunteering Culture on the ScoutsHQ website!We need people to help us with the welcome conversations. If you think you can help with Welcome Conversations, please click on this link. 💬We’ve got lots of vacancies in our Area team, and we’d love to have your helping hands on board! Any assistance is warmly welcomed! 🤝Know someone who needs help with digital tools or do you need help yourself? Please click this link to let us know who they are so we can contact them.Behold, the #get2good progress update! Our enchanting Area plan is coming to life, and we’re on a  journey towards greatness! 📈We are always looking for great photos and media opportunties. If you have any photos or opportunities that you want us to showcase or assist with, contact Jacob Jones below!
 The full update is below for your enjoyment
Key dates for your busy schedules:Clwyd Area AGM – Tuesday 19th September via Zoom – Link below (ALL MEMBERS WELCOME)Area awards evening – TBC – TBC (Mid January 24, more on this in the next few weeks)Modular online training – Ongoing, check out Eventbrite
Clwyd Area Eventbrite – All of our events are under one roof!
Area Update
Hey there, all you wonderful beings of the Clwyd universe!I’ll keep it short and snappy this month because we’ve got a treasure trove of crucial intel to unpack below. 🎉Listen up, because the November transformation deadline is creeping up on us like a sneaky ninja in the night! 🗓️ Clwyd’s been leading the charge as an early adopter, so it’s time to understand how this shift affects each and every one of you. Our awesome transformation team has been burning the midnight oil to make sure you’re in the loop, and I must say, they’ve done a stellar job so far. But guess what? There’s still more to be done, and time’s ticking! 🌟⏳Dive into the wisdom shared by David Morris and our transformation dream team in the section below. Don’t hesitate; jump aboard this rocket ship to transformation ASAP!Now, onto brighter tidings – we’re over the moon to announce that our Area Awards evening is slated for January. We decided to give it a little breathing room, a few extra months to marinate, considering the November transformation hustle and bustle. 🚀Here’s the deal: We’ve concocted some award categories that are as quirky as a pineapple at a pizza party. 🍍🍕 So, don your creative hats, and let’s make these awards truly out of this world!And speaking of unleashing your inner artist, we’ve cooked up a photo competition that’s sure to tickle your creative fancy. The theme? “Hometown Pride.” It’s open to all, age is just a number, and we can’t wait to see the artistic genius each and every one of you brings to the table. 📷🏡So, in the spirit of seizing the day and celebrating all things Clwyd, dive into these exciting updates, start nominating for those wonderfully wacky awards, and get your cameras ready for a hometown pride spectacle like no other!

Where Are We Going?
AREA MISSION: Improve the Area to a minimum of GOOD standard across all of our internal benchmarking criteria.
Remember when we launched the master plan back in November 2022? Well, we’ve been doing some serious reviews and broadcasting our epic progress every three months like clockwork! Talk about commitment, right?And guess what? The freshest update is just a click away! Check out the video below, where we spill the beans on the progress and what’s next.If you haven’t already looked at the Clwyd Area strategy plan #get2good (I mean, it’s pure gold, folks), we’ve got you covered! Dive right into the awesomeness by using the link below. It’s like unlocking a secret treasure map to success! 🗺️💫🎉

Clwyd Area Strategy Plan 22-25 – Clwyd Scouts
Didn’t catch the July Area update? No worries! Swing on over here and get in the loop! Discover the freshest info on all the happenings, so you won’t be stuck in the land of shadows! 🤙😎
Area Annual General Meeting
Our Area Annual General Meeting is being held on Tuesday 19th September @ 19:00.

We have decided to run this online via Zoom to hopefully make it more accessible to all. You can use the below link to join and it’s available for ALL MEMBERS to attend. 

Topic: Area Annual General Meeting (AGM)
Time: Sep 19, 2023 19:00 London

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 996 5919 3821
Passcode: 1131399421
Transformation Update
By David Morris, Area Tranformation Lead
Action Stations!  All Hands! Over the last 12 months, we’ve been working hard , getting the message across about the transformation of Our Volunteer Experience to those who will lead that change. We’ve spoken to Trustees , Area and District Teams , and Group Scout Leaders. Now it’s the turn of everyone who volunteers in Sections with the young people. During September, we’re asking all Groups and Explorer Scout Sections to have leaders meetings 🗓️ to go over the changes and discuss what it means to them. 💬We’re asking Group Scout Leaders and District Explorer Scout Commissioners to take on this challenge as they know their Groups and Units the best. We’ve provided them with the information to deliver the message, but will be here to help if they need it. 🤝If you don’t hear from your GSL or DESC soon about such a meeting, please give them a gentle nudge! 🙏 If you get no joy, please contact Jacob via 📧 and he’ll be able to help. As ever, check out for all the latest info. 🌐🔍Not long to go now…! 🕒😃🎉We Need Your HelpThe transition will only be a success if we all pull together. There are huge benefits for all in getting this to work, so here’s what we need YOU to do…Welcome Conversations – We will be having a friendly chat with new volunteers at the place they volunteer. These will be carried out by the Group Scout Leader and someone else from the District in a similar role to the new volunteer. This other person will need to do some quick e-learning. If you think you can help with Welcome Conversations, please click on this link. 💬Learning – Please encourage everyone to complete their Getting Started training, and get it validated and updated on Compass before November 1st. If you are currently working on your Wood Badge, you will need to complete this by November 1st if you wish for it to be recorded against your current role – but remember Wood Badge becomes optional from the date of Transition (T-day!) How We Volunteer – Please familiarise yourselves with Our Volunteering Culture. 📖Consider Joining a District/Area Team – We need many more people to share the tasks currently being done (or not done) by very few people. Joining a team will mean that their load is shared, and you won’t be responsible, you’ll just be helping out. You can do this alongside your current role if you volunteer with a Section. Click here to find out more. Digital Support – If you know someone who can’t – or won’t – use a computer, we need to know so we can properly support them. Please click this link to let us know who they are so we can contact them. For those with some digital skills who want to get even better, the new Digital Skills Tool is an amazing resource. 💻Compass Clean – Please ensure that your record on Compass is up to date. From T-day you can have two email addresses: your username to log on to the system (this needs to be a unique personal email address and should be recorded on Compass as ‘Volunteering’) and a correspondence email address where we’ll contact you (this can be a generic email such as and should be recorded on Compass as ’Scouting Enquiries’). If you only have one email address on Compass, that’s fine, and it’ll be used for both. Group Scout Leaders – can you ensure you remove any non-active Occasional Helpers, and also update your Section contact details and meeting times via the View button under Options. 📋
Area Awards Night 2024
Hey there, fabulous folks of our fantastic Area!Remember that big promise we made earlier this year? You know, the one where we vowed to throw a shindig? Well, guess what? We’re not just keeping that promise; we’re cranking up the excitement meter to 11!Hold onto your hats (or tiaras, if that’s your style), because in January 2024 (exact date and top-secret venue to be revealed soon), we’re rolling out the red carpet. It’s the Area Awards Night, and guess what? You’re all invited! 🎉Space is limited so you better be quick on your feet and book your spot in advance. Trust us, you won’t want to miss this.Picture this: an evening where we’ll rewind the clock and relive all the epic moments from this year. We’re talking about hearing the inside scoop from our WSJ participants, giving our new Squirrels a chance to shine, and even having some A-list speakers. Oh, and let’s not forget the New Horizons funding recipients.Now, hold onto your party hats because we’re about to drop the bombshell – we’re giving away some of the quirkiest awards you’ve ever seen! “What kind of awards?” you ask. Well, that’s the million-dollar question, my friend. We’ve got awards for the young and the young at heart, for the volunteers who are the real MVPs, and for anyone and everyone who’s rocked our world this year.And here’s the twist – these awards aren’t your run-of-the-mill certificates. Nope, we’ve gone full-on quirky mode, so expect the unexpected! 🦄🏆Ready to spread the love and appreciation? The nomination forms for these mind-blowing awards are now live RIGHT HERE. We encourage you to nominate like there’s no tomorrow. 

So, mark your calendars, dust off your fanciest attire, and get those nominations rolling. The Area Awards Night in January 2024 is going to be awesome. Stay tuned for more details, and let’s make this soirée one for the history books!Awards:

The “Heart of Gold” Award 
Given to the members whose kindness and compassion make them the heart and soul of the scouting community. 🤗

The “MacGyver” Award 
Celebrating the member who can creatively solve any problem with just a paperclip and a roll of duct tape. 🛠️

The “Smooth Operator” Award 
Given to the member who excels at managing tricky situations with grace and finesse, keeping everything running like a well-oiled machine. 🕰️

The “Trailblazing Trendsetter” Award 
Celebrating the member who fearlessly takes on new challenges, setting trends that inspire others to follow. 👣

The “Don’t Kiss the Chef” Award 
Given to the member who is always feeding everyone else on camp and doing all the catering! 🍽️

The “Zen Master” Award 
Given to the member who remains calm and composed in any situation, bringing a sense of peace and tranquillity to the group. ☮️

The “Enamel Camel” Award 
Given to the member who has carried a lot of weight this year, above and beyond their normal role/responsibilities, and in difficult circumstances. 🌟

The “Super Connector” Award 
Given to the member who effortlessly brings people together, building strong networks and fostering a sense of community. 🌐

The “Camp Crusader” Award 
Celebrating the member who has gone above and beyond while on camp – trying new things, supporting others, and living their best camp life. 🌄

The “Needle and Thread” Award 
Given to the member who holds their team together, the beating heart of their team. ❤️

The “Spark” Award 
Given to the member who brings that extra spark to everything that they do. 🎇

The “Entertainer” Award 
Given to the member who always has the group entertained, whether at camps, meetings, or activities. 🎉

The “Outstanding Achievement in Scouting” Award 
Presented to the member/volunteer who has gone above and beyond and deserves to be recognized for their achievements/actions within scouting – this person has embodied the scout laws and values. 🙌

There will be an award presented to a Squirrel, Beaver, Cub, Scout, Explorer, Network Member & Adult Volunteer.
Submit your nominations here!
Photo Competition
GET YOUR ENTRIES IN for the Area Photo Competiton! This year the theme is HomeTown Pride!
Calling all budding photographers! As part of the awards ceremony, we’ve launched a photography competition. There will be two awards presented, one to a young person and one to an adult volunteer.This year’s theme is HOMETOWN PRIDE. We want your photos to demonstrate everything that makes where you’re from totally awesome – whether that be the town in which you live or scout in, or the wider area. What makes Clwyd so great to live in?We would also like to display your scouting photos from the year throughout the evening, you can submit them below too.
Submit your photos here!
Team Vacancies
Could you be the next team member that helps Clwyd Scouts #get2good?
Why would you help at Area? Simple answer, larger scale equals wider impact. 
Picture this: the Area Team, it may not be the colossal force of hundreds that you’ve conjured up in your mind! 🤔

Nope, not at all! We’re actually a really small team and we are on the hunt for some super-duper extra hands to make things happen on a grand scale. If we are going to lead the way and deliver big things for our young people then we need you. Can you believe that even an hour a month from your fabulous self could make a splash bigger than a T-Rex in a puddle? So, what do you say? Ready to unleash your awesomeness upon the world with just an hour of your time? Let’s do this.

P.S. Distance is no issue so don’t let that stop you from reaching out. Anything you can do to help is great!👇 Current Area Vacancies 👇
Area Trustee Board:Area Chairperson – Leading the trustee board to drive excellence!Area Treasurer – The mystical money maestro. Ensuring that our Area moolah is spent on awesomeness! 💰Area Secretary – The ultimate task-taming wizard! Leading the charge in getting things done with enchanting efficiency! 🏆District Representatives – Champions of the people’s voices! Making sure that every District’s dreams reach the Trustee Board’s ears! 🎤The Area Trustee Board | Scouts
Moving To Trustee Boards | ScoutsArea Programme Subteams:Events Squad – Brilliant minds behind delivering epic Area level events 🤹‍♂️🏕️Canvas Crusaders – Getting as many volunteers accredited for nights away and unleashing a cosmic storm of young people camping under the stars every single year! 🚀⛺Area Volunteering Development Subteams:Learning Legends – Masters of delivering virtual and face-to-face learning 🎓📚Area Support Subteams:Awards and Applause – Spreading the love for our awesome volunteers and helping with award applications and advice🏅👏Inclusion Champions – Champions of equality, diversity, and inclusion and supporting our volunteers with EDI on the ground 🏳️‍🌈✊Digital Dream Team – Leading the charge on supporting our volunteers with digital tools 💻🚀Communications Gurus – Intergalactic communicators, beaming out good vibes and showcasing the awesomeness in our Area! 🚀🌌Understanding more about the new team structure
Apply for one of the above teamsNot sure where you might fit in? Get in touch and we can talk it through! Drop me an email at 
Each Area (think County in England) has smaller teams that form the awesome whole. And guess what? We’ve got all the flexibility in the world to make it our own style. 🌊💥 If we’re up for an Area Bobsleigh team, heck yeah, we could go for it! But, let’s start with the practical stuff first! 
Mandatory Learning Compliance
Great news! The monthly Mandatory Ongoing Learning (MOGL) statistics continue to show excellent progress and compliance against our targets and I couldn’t be prouder of our achievements. First aid may be a tougher nut to crack, but we’re all aware of the challenges involved in delivery and sign-off.Safety Module
Safeguarding Module
First Aid Module Guidance
Remember that everyone should also be in possession of the Safeguarding Yellow Card, purple Safe Scouting and Emergency card and green Scouting and Alcohol cards.

District and Area Commissioners should also be in possession of the grey Safeguarding Procedures for County and District Commissioners card as well
Safety Compliance

99.3% (+0.9%) 👆Safeguarding Compliance

99.3% (+0.10%) 👆
First Aid Compliance

97.2% (+0.98%) 👆DBS Compliance

99.0% 👏
Digital Skills Support
Hey there, digital adventurers! Remember that quirky Digital Skills Tool I mentioned last month? Well, it’s alive and kicking now! Check it out below.Developing digital skills is a big deal for all of us citizens of the digital world and especially for us working with those tech-savvy ‘digital natives.’ We know our volunteers have different levels of digital know-how, so as we introduce these awesome new digital tools for Scouting, we’ve got your back! We’ll support all volunteers, and if you want to learn more, our tech-savvy volunteers are here to help.And fear not, while we’re going Digital First, we’re not leaving behind the old ways. These systems aren’t going digital only. Let’s blend the best of both worlds and embrace this digital evolution! 🚀💻

Digital Skills Scouts
Recruiting Volunteers Support