It’s been a week since we held our first Transformation Conference in Prestatyn. We invited all volunteers to join us to learn all about transformation and ask us all the important questions.

While the new digital tools to help with welcoming new volunteers and online learning have been delayed. We felt it was really important to carry on with our Transformation Conference as there’s so much more we can do now. We shared with attendees how we can all embrace our volunteering culture, how we can start working in teams better and how we can make sure we are checking we’re all safe, on track and in the black with good governance.

We looked at all of the new teams and discussed what they all do. We had a long banner all around the corridors, break out rooms and main hall with the 200+ role titles that currently exist and talked about how we’re bringing that right down to 8 (over 30ms worth of role titles!).

The event had a diverse range of roles attend, from those volunteering at section level, group level and right up to district and area. We also welcomed a handful of trustees and discussed the changes we’ve already introduced to their roles.

If you’re still confused, unsure what’s going on or have questions please reach out to the team via email –

Keep your eyes peeled for more news, briefings and updates.