I want to help with Welcome Conversations…

Our Welcome Conversation Volunteers give new volunteers a warm welcome, engaging them in a meaningful conversation. They’ll answer any questions they have at the start of their Scouts’ journey, and make sure Scouts is right for them.

As someone with a Welcome Conversation accreditation, if someone volunteers to join a Team similar to the one you volunteer with – for example if you help with a Beaver Section and a neighbouring Beaver Section has a new volunteer – we may get in touch with you and ask if you can do a Welcome Conversation with the new volunteer and their line manager. If you can’t make it, that’s fine, we’ll ask someone else.

If you’d like to be a Welcome Conversation Volunteer, you will need to watch the three videos below then answer some simple questions to gain your accreditation.

So, first watch these three videos…

Now, fill in the form below including answering the questions…

Clwyd Timeline

March 2023

May-June 2023

  • Start working in teams ✅
  • Share Our Volunteering Culture
  • Briefing meeting for District and Area Teams ✅
  • Clwyd Reunion – we’ll be there all weekend to answer your questions ✅
  • Briefing meetings for Group Scout Leaders ✅

July 2023

  • Work with Districts and Area to create new Teams ✅
  • Discussions with those with roles which don’t map automatically across ✅

August 2023

  • Continue planning ✅
  • Continue cleaning up Compass data ✅
  • Continue ensuring training validated and recorded on Compass ✅

September-October 2023

  • Group Transformation sessions supported by Transformation Team ✅

November 2023

  • Agree structure of Area and District Teams ✅
  • Let people know which Teams they will be part of
  • Group Scout Leader Q&A Zoom sessions

January 2024

  • Learning mapped across to new system

February 2024

  • Transition to new system
  • Compass switched off
  • New system switched on
  • Current roles mapped across to Teams