What’s my role again?

We’re massively simplifying volunteering with Scouts by bringing the number of role titles down from over 400 to just 10:

  • Team Member
  • Team Leader
  • Lead Volunteer
  • Youth Lead
  • Chair
  • Treasurer
  • Trustee
  • President/Vice President
  • Designated Carer
  • Transformation Lead

Lots of current roles will directly migrate to the new roles when the system goes live.

Find out what your new role is

If it’s still not clear what your new role will be, contact us via the Go Live Support panel.

Unofficial until transition

Until the new system goes live later this year, Compass – and more importantly POR – will use the existing titles. It’s OK however to use the new titles and team names unofficially. Please remember your official role however and ensure you follow the existing POR and keep your training up to date for your current role.


Some roles won’t exist at all after transition. Instead they will be covered by what we’re calling an Accreditation.

For example Nights Away Assessor is a current role, but it’s usually just another task that someone holding another role does. So it will become an accreditation going forward – basically just giving the holder the right on the new system to approve Nights Away Permits.

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We can’t use accreditations until after transition as they are supported by the new Membership System.

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